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Yoga & Meditation

The practice of Yoga has a restorative power over our sleep and increases our energy, strength, vitality and longevity.

By practicing Yoga we develop an excellent state of physical and mental health


YOGA is not a religion but an art of life

Yoga in Sanskrit language means “unify”. When you practice Yoga you will balance and unify all aspects of your being (physical, energetical, emotional, mental and spiritual). In other words, all the elements required to live life in harmony to the fullest



In the word HATHA YOGA= HA means sun and THA, moon. The Hatha – Yoga is the unification of the solar energy (ha)Yang and the lunar energy (tha)Yin

Basic practise: 

  • Asanas (postures)

The practice of Yoga begins with the external aspect of our personality: the physical body Asanas helps us to maintain our body in a good health, releasing tensions, massaging the internal organs improving its functions and increasing the flexibility of the spine, the muscles and the joints


  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

The breathing technique is very important to increase oxygen to the body (organs & cells) to strengthen the lungs and the direct effect if has on the brain and the emotions. It restores the nervous system and permits us to maintain a connection with subtle energies (solar energy, lunar energy and the Kundalini) and other aspects of our being


  • Meditation

This practice helps us to relax the mind and avoids the disperse of thoughts and worries of the moment. It develops within us a conscious presence which allows the mind to relax all the tensions and to find a state of peace and stillness



It is called the Yoga of Awareness, the “Royal Path” since its effects are intense to the energy level from the first moment


This Yoga has a transforming nature, it is a ponderous tool, dynamic and regenerative If has a holistic focus because of the breathing techniques, the rhythm, the dynamic and static postures, the sounds, the relaxation, the singing and the meditation with the objective to awake the internal energy which resides in the deepest part of our being


The awakening of Kundalini lets us develop our latent capacities

The Kundalini arise our vital energy and harmonizes all our energy centers

The Kundalini Yoga works all the aspects of the body

  • The Health, corrects the dysfunction of different systems: digestive, nervous, circulatory, glandular system, and the lymphatic system regulating the metabolism

  • Vitality, because of the muscular techniques and the physical and mental flexibility

  • Emotional balance, because of the techniques that have the objective to relax the mind and to release the power of control to be able to take decisions and live in peace and tranquility

Helps us liberate our mental and physical automatism, our moral beliefs, loss of vision, our intolerant or sectarian attitudes


It orients us to a universe of aperture and reconciliation. The Kundalini Yoga permits us to better manage our emotions and our lives. It helps us better to communicate with ourselves which then lets us better to relate to the external reality and the society that surrounds us


When we are calm and in peace we don’t need to search outside what we already have inside



The Kundalini Yoga allows relaxation


The emotions crystallize often at a muscular level and it can create tension and mental blocks

The soul encounters a state of peace after an intense physical workout, as the relaxation releases tension and pain, soothes the muscles and allows fluent energy circulation in the body

For centuries these practises were transmitted thru the lineage of various Yogis who understood the immeasurable treasure that it holds

These practises were shared in secret until the great teacher Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004) began to spread his knowledge throughout the world


Yogi Bhajan said: " In this new era everyone of us will be independent”, for this to happen “every individual must receive an education in yoga, it is a necessity in these times "



" The power of Kundalini Yoga resides in the experience It comes directly to the heart, and broadens our conscious to give us grace and knowledge of the truth and in this way be able to comprehend that we are one with the universe "

Yogi Bhajan

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