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I was born in Barcelona in 1971. As a child I was fascinated by music, movement and theatre

I am passionate about travelling, meeting and sharing with different cultures


I believe in the Human Being and Union, in Rhythm and Harmony... 

The path of sharing and Gratitude

Life is wonderful, a source of inspiration, personal growth, the journey of the Soul 


At the age of 24, after an operation that did not go as planned, I found myself bedridden and unable to move for 2 years, until the day yoga appeared in my life. Yoga has literally saved my life. Since then I am aware of something very important: everything in life depends on us and we are able to cure ourselves of almost all illnesses. If we listen to ourselves we can find answers to all our problems

From that moment on I trained as a teacher of Hatha Yoga at the Sadhana school in Barcelona;  Kundalini Yoga with Karta Singh in France, and many more trainings in various body and therapeutic techniques, among them Chakradance


For more than 25 years I have been practising and teaching Yoga to adults, seniors, children and people with physical and mental disabilities 


For the last 10 years I have been offering Chakradance and Yoga workshops and retreats

I have been studying and practicing various massage techniques for more than 20 years, Thai, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymphatic and Nervous System, Therapeutic facial massage and lifting, Healing Hands, Pericardial Liberation, Shamanism, Essenian therapies.... 


I have created my own Massage "Flow-Intuitive-Balancing Chakra & Healing Hands" ; a union of all the techniques learnt during those years, my experience and dedication together with my passion for the world of the Chakras, Shamanism and the listening and empathy that comes from the contact with each human being

I propose therapeutic massages and sound healing and shamanic massages of reconnection with our own essence


Cooking is another of my passions ; my Andalusian grandmother cooked the best dishes in the world and my vegetarian mother has taught me to eat healthy and balanced food. Thanks to my health problems I have tried and studied different styles of cooking until the day that Energetical – medicinal - cooking appeared in my life. I felt the impact and importace of food in our physical, psychological and emotional state

Food is our first medicine

Since then I offer classes and workshops of Energetical – medicinal - cooking and I cook for retreats, events and individuals 



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