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Energetic Cooking

The energetic way of cooking revitalizes our organism and helps us to maintain an emotional balance



​Energetic cooking is nurturing ourselves according to our needs, taking into account our energetic constitution and our state of energy at every moment of our lives

​It nourishes us to obtain the healthiest state, emotional balance and inner connection


​"Let food be the medecine and medicine be the food"

Hipócrates 460-377 a.c


Food is fundamentally ENERGY

In reality the entire universe is made up of energy and we are energy, vibrational beings

Phenomena always manifests themselves with the polarity of Yin & Yang

All phenomena are a combination of these two energetic tendencies that constantly vary​

If we were to recognize these two poles of energy in our foods, emotions and our thinking, we would be able to balance out this infinite spiral dance

We would consciously be able to create the type of energy that we need

Our physical, mental and emotional being would benefit from this harmonious energy

In this way of cooking we utilize natural and nutritional foods that are of very good quality to extract its nutrients and vital energy; foods without pesticides, preferably biological, and seasonal foods


We eat reasonable according to the laws of Energy

  • whole grains that provides energy, stability and vitality

  • protein vegetables (legumes, tofu, seitan, tempeh)

  • green vegetables that contribute to fiber and chlorophyll

  • root vegetables for there sweetness and soothing energy

  • seaweed, seeds and germinated sprouts

  • local and seasonal fruits

  • occasionally eggs and fish


A vital role plays part in the way of cooking and the timing. Also the way foods are cut and how they are combined

Every day is a new day and we are never the same. We should adapt our foods to the inner and external changes that we could experience

Like alchemist of the kitchen, we can adapt our foods to our needs



A vegetarian diet offers, not only the body but also the soul, a loving and calming energy

Pitágoras (580 A.C- 495 A.C)


Energetic cooking functions as preventive medicine. The quality of our diet has a direct relation to the function of our metabolism, our nervous, circulatory and digestive system; the quality of our blood (alkaline pH), our intestinal flora, our physical, mental and emotional state

It's a philosophy of life that permits us to live consciously, balanced and in harmony

Karine Feat

The energetic cooking of Patrica is a balm to the heart and soul
Her secret?
Biological, energetical, homemade, seasonal vegetables, legumes, well thought out and cooked at low temperature to preserve the nutrients in every food chosen
Gorgeous dishes, beautiful taste that was wisely prepared with a refined decoration

A great moment of pleasure!


"The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity than the discover of a new star" (Brillat-Savarin)

André Casanova

I had the opportunity to taste Patricia Lluvia's cooking
The energetic cooking goes thru you just by looking at it
Different types of foods and textures. A true gift!
No doubt what was impressive, was the taste and the way foods were combined, that not only fills your hunger, but fills you with love due to the way the person creatively puts the food together
Thank you to Patricia for this unforgettable moment!
Enjoy your meal!

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