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Come dance the dance of your soul...

"Chakradance brings a fascinating new light on the effect of movement and sound on the chakras "

Deepak Chopra

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A journey inwards

Chakradance is a free, intuitive dance of liberation, exploration and expansion
A deeply healing practice for well-being and self-knowledge based on the Archetypes of C.G. Jung's psychology and using dynamic moving meditations

During the session, Lluvia, the facilitator, plays several instruments and tells us stories,  leading us through an inner journey thanks to very varied music with very different rhythms and frequencies specially created to vibrationally resonate with each of our 7 main chakras (energy centres that regulate our entire mind-body-spirit energy system) related to our patterns, emotions, organs and glands

With our eyes closed, we begin the journey into our inner self. We enter our space and time. In a circle, we start with a sound meditation. We dance and move with free and spontaneous movements. As we move our chakras, we open our body to release the stagnant energy that no longer serves us

Balancing the chakras brings us many benefits, it helps us to improve our relationships, confidence and self-esteem, emotional and physical health, creativity, inspiration and gives us clarity
Atfter dancing we create a Mandala


Thanks to the sound of our music & movement a door opens into an enchanted world - the world of our imagination, intuition, dreams...
Our sens
es are awakened...

We explore our many facets and we get in touch with nature and the elements

Prepare yourself for some energetic shifts, deep insights and some moments of pure freedom



Grounding, connecting with our Ancestors, reconnecting with our primal-animal self and our animal instincts

Caring ourselves and being more present
Awaken our vital energy

This chakra is related to the health of our feet, legs, bones, teeth, large intestine and adrenal glands

When this chakra is balanced we develop a deep confidence and a strong sense of personal security underlies every step we take in life
We plant a new seed 

Archetypes: The Victim / The Mother 



The energy of the Sacred chakra connects us with our emotions, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and the creativity that comes from our sexual energy

Physiologically, the sacred chakra is related to the health of the reproductive and urinary system. This dance helps us to get in touch with our feminine qualities, our Yin part

It strengthens our ability to nurture ourselves and others and to maintain healthy intimate relationships
When Svadhistana is balanced we flow on the path of life

Archetypes: The Martyr / The Empress-Emperor 



Connection to the solar plexus, digestive system
Dancing our history, our personal power. Connecting with our inner fire, this purifying, transmuting fire... 

We get in touch with our masculine qualities, our Yang part. To trust in ourselves, to assert ourselves and to follow our path, willpower. When Manipura is activated, our whole system is filled with energy. We burn all the old staff

Archetypes: The Servant / The Warrior



Anahata, the Heart Chakra, helps us accept ourselves as we are, to experience the joy of loving and receiving love, to open the door to Unconditional Love, to Compassion. Living in Gratitude

Physiologically it is linked to the health of our physical heart, our respiratory system and the thymus gland which is related to our immune system. Through the Heart we can consciously explore the alchemical union of the masculine and feminine

Archetypes: Actor-Actress / Lover



In the dance of the Throat Chakra we feel a shift of energy, we leave the physical plane and enter a more subtle plane, we connect with the sound. As we open and heal the throat chakra our communication is clear
We open to Authentic Expression and our Truth
This chakra has an important function, the act of listening, both to our inner and outer world. It is related to the Creativity that arises from the voice
Physiologically, this chakra governs the health of the throat, nose, ears, mouth, neck and vocal cords, as well as the thyroid and parathyroid glands, responsible for the proper functioning of our metabolism. When this chakra is balanced we vibrate our essence

Archetypes: The Silent Child / The Communicator 



Awakening the Third Eye Chakra opens us to higher levels of perception through our intuition, and connects us to our imagination. We can visualise, decipher our dreams, evoke memories. When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, we see clearly our purpose in life and our sixth sense is awakened. Physiologically it is related to our physical eyes, as well as to the pituitary gland, which regulates our internal body clock by producing melatonin

 Archetypes: The Intellectual / The Intuitive 


The Crown Chakra is the Gateway to consciousness, Sahasrara in Sanskrit translates as "lotus of a thousand petals", according to ancient Indian tradition, is situated at the crown of the head, it is the centre of spiritual connection. It connects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts. Living in the "Here and Now" helps us to live consciously. The brain and the central nervous system as well as the pineal gland, which is responsible for the growth of the physical body, are connected to this chakra. The life force that balances all chakras, body, mind and spirit enters us through Sahasrara

Archetypes: The Intellectual / The Intuitive

Emilie, 25 years old, regularly practicing yoga and adoring dancing

 It was a very rewarding experience, which allowed me to develop my extrasensory perceptions. The music is beautiful. Sprays with essential oils have an enchanting fragrance. Dancing with closed eyes allows us to let go completely without worrying about the others. I loved singing and vocalizing during the dances. The drawing of the mandala at the end of the dance is a very strong moment because creativity comes spontaneously from the body and not from the mind... And the closing meditation allows us to integrate the work done during the dances and the mandala. A true happiness for all SENSES !!
And what a pleasure to share the positive energy of Lluvia!

Waldemar, 40 years old, never attended any yoga class before

It was the first time I attended this kind of workshop and it was really great !! I did not know anything about yoga or chakras and that was not a problem. Patricia gives us all the necessary information at the beginning of each dance, and then guides us very subtly during the dances. I felt an incredible inspiration when drawing the mandala, though I am rather inhibited at drawing level !! 
What a nice surprise !
The music is perfect, the visualizations help a lot. The closed eyes allow the inner journey.  Little by little, I completely freed myself from my shyness. At first I was almost motionless and did not dare sing
At the end, I occupied all the space
I needed and I enjoyed vocalizing some music ! Pure joy !!

Enza, 55 years old, yoga teacher

Very nice experience, wonderful sharing ...
Little by little, I let go of my detention : like a creeper tight too close to my body that unfolded gradually...and I felt united 
with me and the group. A lot of love and sensuality has emerged! An opening of the heart ...
Lluvia, with her voice and her solar personality, has guided me throughout this course with dynamism, enthusiasm, and kindness
Workshop very effective if one needs to focus and communicate with his inner light!
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